“All magic lies in words,

Yet lies dormant till those be spoken,

For only breath can animate them.”    - Tommy Wendt

Add the gift of art and illustration, and you have the recipe for real magic; the power of words, and the wizardry of art to move emotions.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been fascinated with storytelling and drawing. I was absolutely intrigued by mystery, adventure, fantasy, ghost stories, poetry, animation – and yes – magic. Yes, I confess, I told a few tall stories in my day back then, but, I was just practicing for what I would truly do one day. Create.


I’ve never been one to conform to any expectations, and as such have proudly maintained an ever evolving and diverse artistic career driven by imagination, a belief in truthful creativity, professionalism and curiosity! As long as I can create freely, and deliver art that’s congruent with what I ‘envision’ at the time of creation – I know I will move a few souls, create a few smiles, and ignite a few thoughts…

My greatest influences were of course Disney and the awesome Warner Bros as a kid. Then, growing up, I ‘met’ Mr. Shakespeare who inspired me to play with words and respect the artistry of language. Leonardo da Vinci pretty much took his seat as Diversity Hero #1, and later Alex Ross inspired me to embrace my own style as Comic Artist! Lewis Caroll always reassured me that it is “OK” to believe in 6 impossible things before breakfast, and Linda Bergkvist’s amazing digital paintings became my ‘silent tutors’ in the world of digital airbrushing. JK Rowling proved to me that the power of magic is too strong to suppress, and as creator I have to be the difference that makes the difference…

So, what am I doing specifically right now? Well, currently I’m accepting commissions for;

Children’s Book Illustration

Cover Art

Fantasy Art

Editing – and –

well-deserved focus is being poured into my upcoming books!

I am doing what I love: illustrating and writing. There’s nothing more exciting than jumping onboard a new project, or reading the manuscript to a new children’s book I have been commissioned to illustrate. There’s no greater privilege than to create the visuals to a writer’s vision!

At the simplest level, I strive to inspire imagination, because imagination inspires dreams – and from dreams we build our futures…


“’But I don’t want to go among mad people,” said Alice.

‘Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the cat. ‘We’re all mad here.’”   - Lewis Caroll



  • After graduation Jeanine was accepted into a Cartoon Studio on an internship where she received training in cartooning, illustration, comic art, graphic design and client relations.
  • Two years later, Jeanine was employed by I-Imagine Interactive (Game Developer for Xbox and Playstation) as a Conceptual Artist for characters, worlds, storyline and storyboards and cut scene design.
  • Jeanine soon worked her way up the ranks to Lead Creative Designer, where she was trained in art team project management, as well as to write and design Game Documents which included; storyline, character and scene conceptualization, cut scene break-down, dialogue, document preparation for Publishers and Distributors, and of course acting as liaison between the Programming and Art Teams.
  • Following Game Development, Jeanine built her experience in the Marketing and Advertising industry as designer, marketer, conceptual designer and storyboard artist.
  • This introduced Jeanine to the Publishing industry. Her first children’s book illustration was commissioned by NB Publishers (SA) and was released to high commendation. Jeanine carved out a very unique niche as one of very few fantasy and sci-fi artists in South African illustration. Many more book and cover art illustrations were to follow.
  • A big shift in her career’s continuous growth came when she entered into a creative partnership with Trevor Landolt and established Praxis Comics. During the 2006 San Diego Comic Con, their first independent comic ‘Scarlett’s Curse’ was released to critical acclaim, and they entered into the highly sought after distribution contract with Diamond Comic Distributors. Scarlett’s Curse was released globally and was sold out in the US and UK.
  • For Praxis Comics Jeanine filled the position of penciller, colourist, editor, layout designer and pin-up artist. She also had the honour of working with known names in the comic book and publishing industry which include Alex Lei, Walter Geovani, Ed Dukeshire, Doug Warr, Aaron Mason and Rob Lean (to name a few)
  • In 2007 Jeanine wrote and illustrated her first children’s book. This sci-fi adventure was published in two languages by NB Publishers and also received acclaim for its originality and modern storytelling.
  • Currently Jeanine is working on her next publications (soon to be released), as well as children’s book commissions, cover art, fantasy art, editorial work and contract projects and game document design.




“I have worked with Jeanine Henning on a number of illustrated children’s books including cover and inside artwork, as well as published her first children’s book, VIN THE VIRUS HUNTER, which she wrote and illustrated. Jeanine is a highly professional and very talented artist and writer, with an extremely strong work ethic. She never misses deadlines and is fully dedicated to whatever project she works on. She is an intelligent and pleasant person to work with and I foresee a great future for her in illustration and writing.”

Aldré Lategan - Publisher: Human & Rousseau, Children and Youth Books NB Publishers, Cape Town, South Africa



“Jeanine Henning is a rare talent.  Not only is she capable of conceiving and writing an impressive, dramatic fantasy story in lavish prose, but she goes that extra step by illustrating it with a unique, eye-catching style that accentuates the words on the page.  “The Battle of Shadow & Light Faeries” is another gemstone in Jeanine’s already impressive crown.  She makes it seem effortless.”

Aaron Mason - Screenwriter, Universal Studios & Author of “The Baffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers in Curse of the Bog Frog” and “Panzer 88”



"Whether with prose or pictures, Jeanine's talent for creating worlds of wonder and adventure shines through.  With a style that's dynamic, enthralling, and bursting with imagination, she is a storyteller of the first rank and always a welcome addition to my bookshelf. "

Kevin Walsh - Story Analyst at Dreamworks SKG, Screenwriter, Evil Genius Entertainment



“Jeanine Henning is not only an artist, but an ambitious creator, possessing a delicate balance of skills needed between art and business. Often participating in just about every facet of a production, Jeanine's passion for fiction and her competency in the entertainment industry are obvious in every project she develops.“

Jay Spence - Purchasing Brand Manager, Diamond Comics Distributors Inc.