Phase 3 of JH Illustration is UP!

Written by Administrator on 08 April 2014.

And Phase 3 under JH Illustration Services has finally been rolled out!

Formatting and Conversion for eBook and Print. Yep, bring those books so that I can tighten and polish them up to be on par with the big published names out there - AND look just as good on book shelves!

To understand the difference between formatting and conversion, you can read a quick explanation here:

And for more information about how I do this, juuuuuust click here:


And thus I present (with a flourish) that JH Illustration now offers you, the awesome author, the big 3 services needed in publishing:

1. Cover Desing

2. Illustration

3. Formatting and Conversion to get those books out and lookin' good!


Keep writing! It's the write thing to do ;) 



JH Illustration: Indie Book Cover Design is LIVE!

Written by Administrator on 07 October 2012.

Yep, this is Phase 2 in my publishing-related plans for world domination! Mwahahaha!!!

In other words: my Indie Cover Design services are now UP AND RUNNING!!!

Go check out the site, it is ever-growing as the jobs come in and clients enjoy results :)

But................This phase is set to grow into Phase 3. Bigger. Better. Awesome-er ;)

Go here to find out more:



Nhakira makes it to Indie Author News!

Written by Administrator on 11 September 2012.

Yep, there she is - proudly displayed as NEW RELEASE on !

I personally think its an excellent website geared towards promoting independant publishers. Much respect.

And soon Nhakira will blast off even more... WATCH THIS SPACE. Announcements coming soon...


Get NHAKIRA for your Kindle or Kindle App on your PC/Mac/Smartphone/Tablet:




Page sneak peeks HERE:


 ian screenshot


Press Release: NHAKIRA goes international as HOT NEW RELEASE!

Written by Administrator on 06 September 2012.

YES! Nhakira is going LIVE globally with her very 1st public appearance on the excellent Kindle promotional site The Kindle Book Review!

Click Here to see her debut:


Nhakira's Amazon Kindle launch was on 22nd August, but this is her official international press release - as a HOT NEW RELEASE!

Soon I will post excerpts from Nhakira's pages on my Blog to share her and the other characters from her world even more:


I am very happy to share Nhakira with the world, as she is definitely a new and unique character in YA Fantasy. She has waaaay too much wit, attitiude and fantasy swagger to remain within my pages only. She is an awesome character who everyone will enjoy! Plus, she says 'scumbag' a lot! And, well, everyone will want the powers she develops!

When you want to meet Nhakira and read her story, do click right over HERE

A big thank you to family, friends and my readers who have supported me and Nhakira so far! And now our girl is going out into the big world...

Big hugs from me and Nhakira!


6 september 2012




The Nhakira Trilogy close to release!

Written by Administrator on 27 May 2012.

As many know, The Nhakira Trilogy was launched in 2012 with the release of Book 1.

However, things were placed on unfortunate pause, when shortly after, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Everything in my world came to a very abrupt stand still, as I chose to stand by my mom in her battle to overcome what awaited…

BUT, all of that is now in the past! My very strong and courageous mom beat the “C”, and we’re all regaining our lives full speed ahead! And that goes for Nhakira too ;)

The Nhakira Trilogy will see a re-release in October 2015, starting with a newly polished box set containing the all three books! Oh, and new covers have been designed of course. Much more stylish and befitting to our rebelious acid-tongued heroine.

I will have the trilogy available in print on CreateSpace shortly too, and truly look forward to reignite this adventure with all her readers who have been patiently waiting! Much love to you all.

Keep checking in for release dates everyone!

xxx Jen


"Often magic is the physical apparition born in the heart and willed by the mind." ~ Penthion "The NHAKIRA Trilogy"