Press Release: NHAKIRA goes international as HOT NEW RELEASE!

Written by Administrator on 06 September 2012.

YES! Nhakira is going LIVE globally with her very 1st public appearance on the excellent Kindle promotional site The Kindle Book Review!

Click Here to see her debut:


Nhakira's Amazon Kindle launch was on 22nd August, but this is her official international press release - as a HOT NEW RELEASE!

Soon I will post excerpts from Nhakira's pages on my Blog to share her and the other characters from her world even more:


I am very happy to share Nhakira with the world, as she is definitely a new and unique character in YA Fantasy. She has waaaay too much wit, attitiude and fantasy swagger to remain within my pages only. She is an awesome character who everyone will enjoy! Plus, she says 'scumbag' a lot! And, well, everyone will want the powers she develops!

When you want to meet Nhakira and read her story, do click right over HERE

A big thank you to family, friends and my readers who have supported me and Nhakira so far! And now our girl is going out into the big world...

Big hugs from me and Nhakira!


6 september 2012